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Saratoga Springs, New York

When did the impact of COVID-19 first occur to you? How did your reaction to COVID-19 change between then and the first case in your town?

I was first really aware and monitoring cases when we were about to travel in early January. It seemed so far away then but then New York became one of the first states with significant spread, so it became close to home and real early on.

How is your life different now than it was before the pandemic?

I am not leaving my home, just walks around the neighborhood so life feels much smaller.

How are you feeling? What are you doing to relieve stress?

I am fortunate to have my two college age sons and husband at home, so we are supporting one another. Walks are great stress relievers and fortunate to have easy access to that. I am feeling frightened for our community and our nation, worred about friends that are currently ill with Covid and concerned about all the affects of this epidemic.

What have you noticed has changed in your community since the outbreak? What has surprised you?

I have noticed generous acts like support of the local food banks. Though others seem more self contained, in our neighborhood and elsewhere. I see less spirtually and emotionally coming together than I hoped to see.

Are you a business owner who has had to close? If you are still open, how have you had to adjust how your business operates?


Are you an essential employee? What do you do? What precautions are being taken at your workplace? What precautions are implementing at home?

no, but I am a public librarian and we are looking at a reopening plan currently at our library.

Are you an employee who has been laid off or furloughed? Were you able to get unemployment? Were you able to retain your health insurance?


Are you working from home? What adjustments or challenges are you experiencing?

Yes, the isolation is difficult and I wish we were having more department meetings, there are work wide meetings. I have found I can work from home effectively but the main part of my job is working with the public and I am not able to do that.

Do you have children at home? How’s it going?

Only college age children and actually, it is wonderful to have them at home. We have not had this much time together and really I am appreciating it.

How are you using social media, the Internet, or digital platforms during the pandemic?

Yes, the main thing is Zoom meetings. I took my book club and planned virtual meetings. We meet once a month to discuss books but that has grown into a weekly discussion of books and more. These women have been a lifeline and a blessing at this time.

Did you have to postpone any major life events? (e.g. Graduation, wedding, major birthday) What did you do instead?

My visit to a woman I have become a second mother to, and is expecting in June, and I have postponed visiting her. It is heartbreaking, especially as her family cannot travel from India currently, so the family will not have the support of others during this important time.

Do you have animals? Did you adopt a pet? How have they impacted your day?

We had already adopted two senior dogs several years back. They are such an important part of our family and great comfort now.

What positive things did you contribute to or notice take place?

Again, my meetup book club meetings, once a week have been wonderful. My son and I also plan to help again this year working in a community garden to help our local food bank. My son and I have both taken COVID-19 tracer training online.

Did you or someone you know contract COVID-19? What was it like?

Both of my oldest and dearest friends are RNs and both have contracted COVID-19. It has been difficult to hear about their illness, one has been sick over a month and the other newly diagnosed. I am worried for them and their families.

What do you wish you knew before the pandemic began?

I wish our government had a better plan, and we were not playing catch up with this virus.

What would you want future generations to know about the 2020 pandemic? How would you recommend they prepare for it?

I would like future generations to plan and support one another. This political divide has only added to worries and I am ashamed at the selfishness I have seen. Wearing a mask in public for instance is something we can all do for one another and why people are contesting this is beyond me. Also, listen to our government officials and be one community, which I don't feel I have seen as much as I had hoped.

How do you think this pandemic will change how we behave going forward? What will the “new normal” look like?

I know for me, I will never look at larger gatherings the same. I love movie theaters and concerts, but don't know when I will feel comfortable with them again. I am concerned for us as a nation, both economically and the way we look at the common good.

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