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Glens Falls, New York

When did the impact of COVID-19 first occur to you? How did your reaction to COVID-19 change between then and the first case in your town?

March 17. The last day I went into work at my office in the local YMCA. From then until today, I’ve been working from home. When Covid arrived here, I was very frightened. This is a new virus and the facts about it were unknown at the time; we only knew it was spreading easily and quickly. People were ending up on vents. I was quite scared.

How is your life different now than it was before the pandemic?

I’m working from home instead of working at my office. Wearing masks has been a huge adjustment. I think about germs and catching something-not just Covid either. I miss the freedom of just going out in public, no mask, all stores open, not fretting all the time about the virus.

How are you feeling? What are you doing to relieve stress?

I’m very concerned about my job. Gyms are still not allowed to be open per the Governor, and I’m stressed about the future of the Y. To relieve stress, I read, take walks, ride my bike, and work on my 1888 Victorian home here in Glens Falls with my husband Joe. Our house has now lived through two pandemics.

What have you noticed has changed in your community since the outbreak? What has surprised you?

People have thus far been very understanding and kind. I feel like most in our community want to help reduce the spread and help one another. The reaction to the local restaurants moving to takeout was huge! The community embraced this to help those businesses stay afloat. Families are spending a lot more time together at home.

Are you a business owner who has had to close? If you are still open, how have you had to adjust how your business operates?


Are you an essential employee? What do you do? What precautions are being taken at your workplace? What precautions are implementing at home?

My husband is an essential worker at Albany Medical. The hospital took very high precautions during the pandemic. At home, we developed a routine to ensure my husband was not bringing inside anything that could be contaminated. We’ve gone through a lot of Lysol disinfectant. I’m grateful he has not contracted the virus.

Are you an employee who has been laid off or furloughed? Were you able to get unemployment? Were you able to retain your health insurance?

Not yet.

Are you working from home? What adjustments or challenges are you experiencing?

Yes I am. I actually love it and would enjoy it more if I felt that the Y would be ok long term. We cannot open the building yet. The challenges are financial sustainability.

Do you have children at home? How’s it going?


If you’re a student, was school canceled? Were you able to complete your studies online? Do you think you’ll be back on campus in the fall?


How are you using social media, the Internet, or digital platforms during the pandemic?

I signed up for several different things; daily inspirational reminders, meditations, etc. our Y posts online workouts daily. I have participated in these too. I also stay informed using Facebook. The Governor posts videos and updates which I also watch.

Did you have to postpone any major life events? (e.g. Graduation, wedding, major birthday) What did you do instead?

My mom turned 70 in May. My family could not gather for the big celebration that we’d wanted to have.

Do you have animals? Did you adopt a pet? How have they impacted your day?

Yes, a cat. He loves that I’m home every day! He’s like our child and he brings so much joy and love to our home.

What positive things did you contribute to or notice take place?

The takeout from local restaurants. We tried to do this once a week to support the local businesses. Also, people have spent a lot of time and care on their homes and yards this year, including us!

Did you or someone you know contract COVID-19? What was it like?


If you lost someone during the pandemic, how did you celebrate their lives?


What do you wish you knew before the pandemic began?

I think knowing how long I’d really be working from home would’ve helped me settle into it better. The not knowing has been stressful.

What would you want future generations to know about the 2020 pandemic? How would you recommend they prepare for it?

Have some savings set aside. If you have room, start a dry goods pantry. If you have a storage freezer, keep that stocked and rotate it. Learn how to work from home if that makes sense for your job.

How do you think this pandemic will change how we behave going forward? What will the “new normal” look like?

I feel that there’s a lot of mental health issues that will need attention. This has been a very difficult time. I also wonder how, when it’s safe, will we undo this OCD behavior regarding germs and cleanliness. It is going to take some time.

Is there anything else you would like to add that hasn't already been asked above?

If you’re a homebody, the quarantine will not be that hard on you.

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