C.     05.28.2020 

We started our new school year in June instead of August because we might as well. There was nothing else to do.

F.     07.24.2020

Yes we have elementary kids. School was VERY hard. I had to be mom, housewife, teacher, disciplinarian, cook (etc etc). I found it overwhelming. Since summer - its better. Being outside helps a ton.

H.     06.29.2020

My older granddaughter graduated from Hudson Valley in May. She took two courses this past spring. When the courses went online, it was difficult for her. One teacher was fine. The other teacher was clueless about distance learning. I spent hours each week tutoring my granddaughter in the difficult course. My younger granddaughter's kindergarten teacher was so upset by the whole pandemic experience, that she decided to retire two years early. None of my grandchildren enjoyed the online experience. Online education is very different from classroom teaching; they're two very different methods.

C.     11.14.2020

When they closed down schools in our area. I feel that this reaction to the pandemic was very blown out of proportion to what Covid-19 really is.

My son is a High School senior and nothing for him is normal. It's a very hard time with all the things that have been taken away from him.

My senior in High School is suffering. Everything he wanted to do in regards to his senior year has been taken away from him. No Homecoming, no football, no in-school classes and interactions with teachers and peers. My other two children I already homeschooled so they are moving on with life pretty much normal.

K.     08.08.2020

I was in the middle of midterms week at SUNY Plattsburgh just before what was supposed to be our spring break. Word began to spread how people wouldn't be coming back after break because of the pandemic. As things got worse, students began going home earlier with their belongings and finally, it was announced that all of the campus would not be coming back to school and that we would have to do remote learning. Many were excited that they wouldn't be coming back, but I was disappointed. Before I left college, there were already reported cases in Saratoga.

I was in the middle of my midterms when it was announced that we wouldn't be returning to campus after our spring break. Our learning switched to online and it was very hard to have classes that were not meant for online learning, like my public speaking class. Somehow, I managed to receive all A's in my classes though. I decided to leave my school and transfer to a local online college for this fall to be safe.

D.     05.26.2020

As a recently retired teacher, it was important to me to support and encourage the amazingly dedicated and talented teachers of the Schenectady City School District. These professionals left school on March 13th, not knowing anything about distance learning, and just "figured it out" in the most caring and dedicated way. Distance learning cannot replace being in a classroom, but the way that teachers tried to connect with students every day was amazing.

C.     09.01.2020

I retired in June. I would be an essential worker if I hadn’t retired. My former school will be deep cleaning every Wednesday and every weekend. Teachers have to wear a mask. Students do not. Classrooms will be spread and some students will learn virtually. Students will be in the same room all day. Teachers will be teaching live and virtually at the same time. It’s ridiculous. Planning that could be shared and lessons that could be taught differently will all fall on the one Teacher’s shoulders. YEA did not do much to help and bowed to Republican pressure. It’s a shame.

Not now. But sitting at the computer all day with one lunch break was physically painful and emotionally exhausting. I love helping kids and teachers. I’m very computer literate (librarian) but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I only wanted to sleep at the end of the day.

R.     08.29.2020

I am not a student, but I work with students. They did not return to school in the Fall. Much of their anxiety disappeared when they went to distance learning, and many parents who can are considering having their children continue with online learning because they are thriving without the peer pressure from fellow students and the bullying from some teachers and students. It's very sad that our schools have become so unsafe for our children (mentally and emotionally unsafe).

The client's (children) depressive and anxiety symptoms disappeared when school was canceled.

M.     11.17.2020

I had a box of masks stored from the SARS epidemic waiting for the eventual next epidemic. It seemed surreal to actually get out the box and use the masks. I'm a teacher, so when school moved to distance learning, I spent four month alone on my farm barely seeing another human. I became very depressed and realized I need other people more than I thought I did.

My job is more difficult - teaching 60 students in person and 30 on Zoom.

At school, students are limited to twelve per classroom and have to sit in their seats all day. Mask breaks for two minutes. No real P.E. class. No recess. They are handling it surprisingly well. Discipline problems are way down.

V.     8.30.2020

Very hard all 3 hated online but made due. My two college-aged students deferred their fall semester in the hope of returning for in person.

My daughter and her friend were concerned when the outbreak first happened in China. They study mandarin and were more in tune to the news there - I wish I had listened to her more seriously and prepared my non-profit and myself more.

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