Advice for Future Generations

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, we've gone back in history to see what those who went through past pandemics could teach us.  Looking forward, there are already words of wisdom and insight to offer future generations. Advice on how to prepare for another pandemic to what is the most important aspects of life. 


S.      3/9/2021

This pandemic was no joke. Don’t believe the people who claim it was a hoax. I saw first hand the seriousness of this virus and feel as Americans we need to continue to be vigilant. I think the best preparation is prevention. Get vaccinated and I think we will be better handwashers from now on.

J.      3/16/2021

Don’t try to make everything normal. It’s not.

E.      3/16/2021

Shut down sooner and follow guidelines with out arguing.


J.      3/16/2021

To always have a back-up plan or prepared plan somewhere in planning. Think that there's a bad weather storm in the future and stock up on necessities. More than stocking up though, to build connections with neighbors and friends now, so when the needs are great your community is there for each other.

M.      3/13/2021

Good question! This whole event would have been less traumatic if we'd had competant leadership at the very top in this country from the start. In addition to all the the worrisome issues related directly to the pandemic, I found it terrifying that it seemed that the federal government's response was totally chaotic, and largely uninformed under Trump. So I would say, future generations should listen closely to politicians running for office and vote wisely as if your life depended on it. Also, trust science, and figure out how to differentiate between truth and lies. Also, make sure health care and medical research are well funded. The pandemic in this country didn't have to be so devastating.

T.      3/13/2021

Take CDC recommendations very seriously. Choose news reports wisely and don't overdo watching the news.

G.      3/10/2021

Listen to the CDC and scientists, they know what they are talking about. Do you research with peer reviewed studies and medical journals. Things will get better.

C.      3/9/2021

I want future generations to know that people will play politics with their health and safety. I would recommend that even if family or friends don't take precautions to guard against the virus, that they themselves should still do their best to ensure their own safety and those of the people around them. Also, don't hoard toilet paper or any other essential supplies. Take only as much as you need and save the rest for people who truly need it the most. Be prepared to confront loved ones who don't take the risk of COVID-19 seriously.


J.       3/7/2021

Pay attention to the world beyond your corner of the world and learn from the science studying what is going on. Above all elect leaders who trust in the science and are forward thinking.

P.      3/6/2021

How do you prepare people for something they have never gone through before? I would not shut the country down. Take better sanitary precautions, take vitamins and minerals, eat healthy,and exercise on a regular basis


K.      2/27/2021

Value each other. Make the phone call. Write the note of encouragement. Make time to spend together. Value what matters. It isn't about stuff, but relationships. Keep your life simple so when things are stripped away you aren't bereft. My greatest learning this last year has been that my husband of 45 years and I love each other. That should be obvious but in the day to day we take things for granted. He has been my rock of support. We have enjoyed long walks together and time just spent talking in ways we did not before


D.      2/28/2021

Put plenty of effort into protecting your mental health, prioritise it, go walks, meditate, things are not as bad as you think they are, it will pass.

A.      2/28/2021

Please take it seriously

R.      2/28/2021

That they need to pray and repent harder for this to never happen again

L.      2/27/2021

I think being prepared like you would be for any weather situation when you are sheltering in place.

G.      2/27/2021

If history repeats itself there will be another pandemic. People need to stay strong, keep their heads up, and fight it with all their might.

B.      2/17/2021

It was serious. We fought like hell against the false claims, but we also fought like hell to stay together. The pandemic also exposed America's deplorable underbelly of systemic racism and inequity.

M.      2/14/2021

Build community. Hoarding food and toilet paper isn't going to help get you through a long crisis. Community connections - knowing and trusting our neighbors - are the best way to prepare for the unknown.

J.      2/10/2021

We took a lot for granted. Always thinking we'd be able to do things later, putting off pleasure for later in order to get more work done. Eat dessert first.

Jennifer Jennifer

J.      2/10/2021

We took a lot for granted. Always thinking we'd be able to do things later, putting off pleasure for later in order to get more work done. Eat dessert first.

U.      2/3/2021

If you continue to love people, serve God and look to Him for guidance instead of the politicians, you'll be better off, not be stressed and able to enjoy the change of the times. Do not focus yourself on the news or other media, it will be detrimental to your health and well-being. To be well prepared, have your finances in order with a substantial savings account balance in case you lose your job, have a pantry of non-perishable items, not be dependent on conveniences, and be prepared to do more things like they did in the old days

L.      1/27/2021

This was a long long long lonesome time. Always be safe and clean.

R.      1/24/2021

How to prepare? Don't let your guard down. We WERE prepared... in 2015. And most of all: this will happen again.


Keep everything clean and just stay healthy


E.      1/18/2021

More than ever people need to know how to identify reliable sources of information! The sheer quantity of hoaxes, rumours, quackery and conspiracy theories flying around cyberspace has undoubtedly cost lives and they cannot be suppressed at source. The only way to combat them is by education.

S.      1/14/2021

Keep up to date, the impact will be long lasting, do your best and forgive yourself


A.      1/14/2021

I want them to know how important it is to wear masks and social distance. I want them to think about protecting others, especially those who are most vulnerable to illnesses. I want them to realize that if they live in an area that is not severely impacted, they need to stay vigilant or things will take a turn for the worse. I would also recommend that they buy toilet paper before the shelves are empty.

R.      1/6/2021

That this pandemic is raging on in America because of incompetent leaders and an inability to listen to science. Listen to the scientists, help others, and learn to think for yourself.

B.      1/4/2021

Who leads our country is very important. Left or right is less important than character, intelligence and empathy. Make change in local government, our Congress & Senate. The president needs to be a person of outstanding abilities. Keep life simpler, reflect on what's really important. Like yourself Be in a position of relying on yourself, not others.


J.      12/30/2020 

Took us by surprise. We were not prepared. Need to pay attention, follow the guidelines, watch out for each other.

D.      12/22/2020

Stay healthy by taking care of yourself. Be hygenic...wash hands, cover your face and stay home if sick!!

K.      12/22/2020

Trust Science. Demand change. Don't get all your entertainment from going out to eat or shopping in stores, because when it shuts down you will be lost.

S.      12/21/2020

I want them to know that they should keep a level head at all times. They should have a list of emergency supplies. The Believers of GOD, should hold firmly on to their Faith.

U.      12/17/2020

It sucked mainly due to capitalism and the lack of any sort of structural support in place. People were told "go to work, but you can't have fun" so of course idiots disobeyed. They'd send retail folks and baristas and restaurant workers into the trenches so someone's business can survive, but not without human lives being forsaken. There is no safety net in place for millions of Americans who are now homeless after being evicted, who have to steal baby formula from stores in order to feed their children, who have gone to work sick because their employer doesn't give them sick days and who can't afford a doctor because they have no insurance. I dunno man it's pretty horrifying if you look at the big picture for even a second.

L.      12/17/2020

It’s a virus. Not a political statement. All these people screaming about their “respiratory freedom” - what about the respiratory freedom of the 300,000+ Americans who have died? Just put the damn mask on.

G.      12/14/2020

That with ignorance comes panic. The opposite of what we were told. Always listen to the science and the experts, rather than those who are unknowledgeable and are only interested in their own reputation.

L.      12/9/2020


L.      11/19/2020

I hope that everyone realizes how kind most people were. Also, be prepared to see people walking down the streets, in stores, etc. in masks. It's hard to prepare for that.


D.      11/19/2020

Essentials stocked up at home. Cultivate interests in things you can do without leaving your house.

C.      11/14/2020

The Government is quick to take over lives as they see fit. Be sure that those in office really will have the public's best interests at heart and not some political agendas.

A.      11/13/2020

That as always the government makes all these mandates that they won’t & can’t enforce and is not following through with helping defray the cost of everything they mandated.

K.      11/13/2020

Know that the president (Donald Trump) was dangerous and inept. His actions directly resulted in thousands of deaths. In the years before, he got rid of government agencies including the pandemic response agency. He blatantly lied to people, saying the pandemic was under control, wasn't that bad, that masks and other precautions weren't needed. Not everyone listened to him, of course, but those who did made everything worse for everyone. In the future, if doctors tell you what precautions to take to stop the spread of a pandemic, LISTEN.

L.      11/4/2020

Covid does not discriminate and family and friends should be cherished during this time.

J.      11/2/2020

Don't panic. Question authority. Rely on science and not on pseudo-science. Be reasonable about being safe but don't live in fear.

L.      10/25/2020

They need to be aware that it will happen again. We were too complacent and comfortable with thinking our health care was advanced enough to prevent such a thing from happening here. Unless more is learned about Covid 19, it is obvious that the same measures were used 100 years ago; masks, isolation, social distancing, staying outdoors. So, for the next pandemic will the same measures be needed? I am still amazed that in 100 years since the last pandemic, we are still using the same tools to fight the disease. So, they need to be aware of the possibility and be ready to accept an emergency plan.

M.      10/21/2020

Have savings, support local and know where items can be got locally- have discussions with loved ones what will you do if it or something like it happens especially to support elderly or disabled family member


I.      10/15/2020 

Some of us took it seriously. We did our best. It is really hard, and everyone made mistakes, but we had no prior experience to guide us. If you need to prepare, keep a good stock of basic paper goods and food supplies, but don’t go crazy. You’ll still get to go to the store. Stock up on activities for the kids. And lots of books.

R.      10/14/2020

Don’t expect life to be easy all the time. Every generation goes through hard times. It’s less of a struggle when you can accept difficulty and suffering as part of life. Helping others helps your own peace of mind.


E.      10/14/2020

We only can get through it with kindness and support of friends and family. Stock up on no perishables and check on your neighbors.

N.      10/12/2020

You can quarantine the virus, but you can't quarantine stupid. Follow the science.

H.      10/12/2020

Enjoy life everyday; don't take health and "freedom" for granted; follow public health safety precautions; wash hands, wear masks and take care of their health. Be aware of mental health issues that may present with either themselves or family members.

J.      9/21/2020

I would want them to know that they cannot count on government to help during a crisis and they must educate themselves and prepare their own resources to survive. Also, that it doesn't help to turn on others during this time. We really do need to pull together to make it through. Finally, " this too will pass"

E.      9/16/2020

This could not have been prevented, but it could have been mitigated. Don’t let anyone polarize Americans to the extent that we are helpless in the face of a virus.

R.      9/16/2020

It's not a mystery. The public health professionals had taken their 40-year experience with AIDS, Ebola, SARS and MIRS and had developed clear protocols, which have been largely ignored in much of the United States. 1. Each political jurisdiction should have a single spokesperson. 2. That person should be guided by the counsel of career public health and medical professionals. 3. The message should be factual and truthful. 4. The message should err on the pessimistic side to encourage citizen awareness and compliance, rather than worrying about panic. 5. Adequate emergency supplies should be stockpiled, with plans to retool industries to quickly replenish them.

P.      9/5/2020

That it was serious, that people lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost income...people used food pantries for the first time in their lives...income inequality has to be addressed seriously.

C.      9/1/2020

Have hobbies like reading to get you through the pandemic. Listen to music. Don’t be dependent on others for fulfillment. Learn to be quiet and be okay. Appreciate yourself and care for yourself. Drop the business. Replace it with connections to nature. Turn off noise in the house. Meditate on good things. Be grateful. Stop whining.

V.      8/30/2020 

The news media played up panic and the politicians were quick to point fingers!! Every day people did their jobs and many at risk to their own health. I so appreciated the ability to buy groceries, get a delivery, grab take out - and we should celebrate them and not the ‘cult of celebrity’ we see on media. Use common sense, don’t think you are smarter or know more than the medical guidance. Don’t panic - you can survive on basic stuff and relish the company of family and simple pleasures. Doesn’t hurt to have A few Supplies on hand!

R.      8/29/2020

Keep a stash of food and toiletries. That the government shut-downs made everything worse for most people and the economic impact and fall-out lasted for decades for some families.

J.      8/28/2020 

That our president failed, and continues to fail, spectacularly to keep the country safe. That some states took a leadership position to counter the national chaos, while others were part of the denial. That, coupled with the country’s last three years of the erosion of our democracy, came an awareness of all that needs fixing here and in the world, and that courageous people are working together to eradicate the inequalities on every level of our culture.

J.      8/27/2020

I would say that you can't necessarily anticipate how you will be affected until something like this happens. We only prepared a little more than we already were for events like power outages. I was raised to always think ahead and try to be prepared for emergencies, so we already had a supply of non-perishable foods and paper products. In general, not just going into a pandemic - don't wait until you are completely out of essentials before running to the store (especially with little kids). If you are in the habit of having things on hand (and live with enough space to have extra supplies), you are more likely to be able to avoid feeling forced into panic buying.

M.      8/27/2020

Education is key. Children need to be taught to value and trust PROVEN FACTS above rumors and propaganda - and how to effectively tell one from the other so that they can both understand and share that proven knowledge with others. That way, if a leader tells them one thing while science clearly shows them another they will have the education and skills to dismiss and ignore such harmful propaganda, and have methods and media in place to assure that correct, fact-based information is distributed to (and believed by) all. That way, the safest approach to whatever threat can be speedily enacted, and the brightest minds of their time can be put to use to solve the problem quickly and permanently. Funds and equipment should be set aside and protocols created in advance so that when the next critical national or international health challenge appears. 

G.      8/25/2020

Increase their sanitizing routine.

P.      8/22/2020

Have some PPE on hand other non perishable items too. Hoarding is going to get bad.

S.      8/20/2020

Always remember there are good and bad in all people. Problems like this bring out the best and the worst in some people

L.      8/19/2020

Be more health conscious. Wash your hands often. Spend time with your loved ones. Slow down. Stop stressing the small stuff.

S.      8/10/2020

Unbridled laboratory experiments should be stopped.

J.      8/9/2020

Don’t be as stubborn and blatantly, militantly stupid as we have been! JUST WEAR THE MASK, wash your hands, teach your kids to care for others.

K.      8/8/2020

I would want them to know that they can't take life and privileges in life for granted. The ability to get in your car and just go to the grocery store became a privilege for me. To see other people became a privilege. Listen to your gut and even when other people are not following the protocol, do the right thing

M.      8/8/2020

Trust science and scientists, health care workers, and people who have the general public's best interest at heart. Do not trust anyone who is looking to make money, increase their prestige and power, or is willing to overlook facts to make their country/state/county look better than it is. Staying physically away from other people is essential. Is it worth jeopardizing everyone's health just to have a few moments of fun? Wearing a mask is the smallest kindness that you can do for another person.


P.       8/7/2020

Have books to read or something simple that you can do by yourself. It was really pretty hard for us when the library closed. Have a hobby that you can do by yourself at home. Get outside and be in nature the birds still sing and the bees still buzz. Have routine. Have some kind of device that you can communicate virtually with others in working order. Don’t put off getting things fixed because it’s very difficult when things are all closed. Also know how to cook some simple stuff apparently a lot of people can’t cook anything ready-made was bought up pretty quickly.

T.      8/7/2020

Work together for the greater good. Do not become divided like we are now. Unite. Care for each other.

A.      8/7/2020

I don't know if there is really knowing how to prepare for a pandemic because it's not something you ever expect to happen. It did become very apparent very quickly, however, that it's always a good idea to have two weeks of meals and household essentials on hand, in case anything like this ever happens. I guess I would say that as crazy as it is to believe something like this could happen to you, it really CAN happen. In a country that is as advanced as we are medically, I always took for granted that pandemics were a thing of the past. And yet it still happened. I'm learning to love and appreciate my family more than ever, and I've found even more meaning in the quality time I have with them.

M.      8/6/2020

I would tell future generations the same thing I raised my children with, wash your hands and don't be a pig. I wouldn't tell them how to prepare for it. I mean it's always good to be prepared when non-perishables and things like that for any situation. However covid-19 is one thing the politics of round covid-19 has been another. I don't like I would encourage them to ask questions and demand answers.

M.      8/5/2020

Wash hands, wear masks. Shut down airports and lock down country straight away

B.      8/4/2020

It brought out the worst and it brought out the best in people. Self care is so important, finding what you need to do everyday to ensure that you feel a sense of normal is important.

C.      8/1/2020

That nobody will suspect anything until it’s them THatS under lockdown. That at first some people will be stupid and won’t believe it. That even through it some people won’t believe in it. Some people will be so incredibly stupid it will blow your mind. Have ways to deal with something like this. In the sense we should have resources for people who lose jobs suddenly, etc.

E.      7/27/2020

How bad it was/is; health care needs to be prepared in so many ways as do governments. People need to respect science and pay attention to advice. Any pandemic should not be treated casually but seriously.

F.      7/24/2020

The 2020 pandemic wasn't all bad. We were forced to make life simpler and slow down and that has been really beautiful. Sometimes the thing we think we are missing out but it is just a new opportunity to slow down and listen to the quiet.

N.      7/23/2020

I would like them to know how hard it was to isolate. I would recommend that they listen when scientists tell them what to do.

M.       7/20/2020

Become self sufficient BEFORE events like this occur. Know how to repair your own car, grow your own food, fix your home appliances. Have a healthy savings account, don't live outside of your means. Spend time with loved ones while you can! Keep a full library at home, and stock up on essentials.

J.      7/20/2020

Have a SAVINGS! Stock up on essentials if you have the space for minimal storage. Listen to scientists & data and live accordingly.


S.      7/19/2020

I would tell them yes, there was a very contagious virus, and there were people & powers who took advantage of this & used it as an opportunity to control the masses. Do the research, question everything, put your faith in Jesus Christ.


K.      7/8/2020

Have some savings set aside. If you have room, start a dry goods pantry. If you have a storage freezer, keep that stocked and rotate it. Learn how to work from home if that makes sense for your job.

J.      7/7/2020

Maintain your physical and mental health at all times. This pandemic and lockdown affected the people who were not healthy most of all.

J.      7/2/2020

I’d like people in the future to understand that pandemics and epidemics are not political. They are a natural occurrence that needs all hands on deck working together for the best outcome. I’d like history texts to explain how the pandemic has been mishandled by the current federal administration and how proponents of the current administration contributed to the spread of the virus and unnecessary deaths; that the U.S. has by far the greatest number of covid-19 cases and deaths of any nation on earth when it supposedly is a modern leader in so many ways. Let our experience be a lesson learned. Public health workers and organizations need much more support now and in the future. There needs to be more funding and enthusiasm for scientific research.

B.      7/2/2020

Let us hope that future generations first have a more ethical, responsible mainstream media serving them rather than the disgraceful, unprofessional mainstream media we seem to be stuck with, that they learn what we did right and work not to repeat what could have been done better, most of all that they stay positive, solution-oriented instead of negative, problem-preoccupied.

M.      7/2/2020

It has affected so many people differently. There is nothing equal about its effect. The rich can go to 2nd or 3rd home and have save space. The rest of us had a hammer laid down on us overnight. Don't elect an ignorant president and don't pretend health care for everyone isn't important.

M.      6/29/2020

I would want them to know how utterly unprepared we were in health care both in the way we educate and employ workers at all levels. I want them to see how a profit-driven health care system is morally bankrupt and in need of an overhaul. I want them to understand how important it is to build community support systems and personal relationships with people at all age levels and economic status. I want them to know that ageism is an evil just as much as misogyny and white supremacy. I want them to realize when adversity hits we survive together or we perish together.

B.      6/29/2020

I hope this next generation honors science. I’m appalled that so many discredit the information that is out there as though it is there to make their lives inconvenient. I hope the mistakes we have made are well documented and that we could have saved thousands of lives if we’d listened to the experts. Governor Cuomo was a true leader!

A.      6/28/2020

That it is best to share - especially the high demand items like toilet paper. And remember people living on a tight budget cannot hoard and if we all shop normal there will be enough.

S.      6/26/2020

Appreciate your friends and family, prepare the necessary paperwork (living wills, health care proxy, wills), try to have your financial information available and shared. Figure out what is most important and focus on that. Finally, remember it is ok to laugh, even when things seem to be dire.

P.      6/22/2020

I would want them to know that it will be ok! It's important to be prepared (have some extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, canned/frozen food, etc) but also to stay optimistic. Humans are amazing and resilient. There is no way of knowing when something like this will happen again, so worrying too much about it ahead of time is pointless. Rise to the challenge! Come up with creative and positive ways to help out your community and family and friends. BE SAFE - wear a mask, wash your hands, etc.


G.      6/25/2020

Pandemics do happen, and they need to be prepared for. There were a couple of bad respiratory viruses between 2002 (SARS) and now 2020 (COVID-19). But only COVID-19 spread far across the world. Once it’s gone, the task will still remain to unravel its genetic mysteries and use that knowledge to improve methods of detection in the population and expedited vaccine development and synthesis. We sequenced the entire virus’s genome, but there are still mysteries about it after 3 months. We need to be able to get more concrete answers from the genome and apply them to concrete actions the public needs to take. If genomic studies can speed of the vaccine development process, that is also important. These things take consistent funding even after the emergency ends. Keep funding and keep researching: pandemics have not gone away yet. Another important lesson will be from public health policy. Only history will tell, but big mistakes were made at the Federal level and we must learn from those mistakes. At the state level, transparency was key to getting the message out and convincing people to cooperate against an invisible force. Social Distancing and facemask use quickly spread on social media and mainstream media, and people learned and responded quickly. People will change their behavior: but it has to be sold the right way. Finally, life does go on. We will get through this, one long day at a time. As of this date, restaurants are opening and life is slowly going back to normal. But storm clouds on the horizon as multiple states hit new records this week for infections and deaths. We are not out of the woods so to say. It will take many months to get through this. The world is not over, but it will take some time to get back to a time without COVID-19 as a daily concern.

R.      6/21/2020

The 2020 pandemic was an eye opening experience ... it really changed life the way we knew it. I think the best way to prepare for it - or any life changing event - is to slow down ... really consider what is important in life ... be a good person, live every day to the fullest and find your happiness.

K.      6/21/2020

That our grandparents (or great-grandparents) who lived through the depression were right. Don't waste things. Always have a stocked pantry. Today we can add: stock up your freezer, as well. Nothing insane, though. You don't have to go full "prepper," but have enough to get through a week or two before you have to start worrying.

R.      6/20/2020

I would hope any future pandemic has strong leadership from the Federal government. It has been frustrating to see no true overall guidance leaving each state to struggle on its own in fighting the pandemic. I'm grateful that our state took a strong stand and think it has helped to slow the spread of the disease. Many of these strong measures have not been popular in part because there is no unified national guidance.

K.      6/18/2020

Remember the cold war and stock your bomb shelter with a 6 months supply of as much as possible (for those of you don' remember the threat of the Soviet Union).

M.      6/17/2020

Prepare? Believe the scientists!

L.      6/16/2020

Drink plenty of water, be outside with nature, write letters and keep a journal or notes about what's happening and your feelings and talk to your loved ones. Keep the faith. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

T.      6/14/2020

Use common sense in how you deal with pandemic. Don't panic! Take in stride and look after each other, particulary the elderly.

L.      6/13/2020

I honestly don't think there is any way to prepare for a pandemic specifically. We didn't get the chance. That sounds depressing, but you just never know what's going to happen, and I don't think stockpiling resources you may never need is really the best use of your money or the kindest way to treat other people who may need those supplies. I think one beneficial thing you can always do is save some of the money you earn. So many Americans completely panicked at the idea of spending a week or two without a paycheck. I didn't want to lose my job, but I save 20% of every paycheck, so I knew that if I lost my job for even a few months or more, and I would be fine. I think it is always good to look to the future and try to do whatever you can do to put your future self in a better position.

A.      6/12/2020

Be good to others & try not to complain because there are people dying.


R.      6/11/2020

Read what we did in 2020. Just like I have been doing about 1918. Not sure you can really prepare for it as life just comes at you sometimes. You never know...…………...

C.      6/11/2020

Stay calm and live your lives. Use common sense and you will be fine. There's no need to hoard food, or toilet paper, and you don't have to spend all of your time disinfecting your house; you live there, for heaven's sake. Just behave responsibly and respectfully. You will be fine.

P.      6/10/2020

Be smart, be safe. Take precautions by eating healthy, exercising, keeping a healthy weight. Practice good hygiene. Don't panic. Science is a wonderful thing and has many answers. Turn off the fear-mongering, sensationalist media! And be aware that you may have to fight for your freedoms if they are taken away as they have been in this pandemic. People were told two weeks, but it went months due to elected officials in power stripping people of their rights to earn a living. Call out injustices - how 200 people can shop in a Walmart, but the local barber can't have 2 or 3 people in his shop. Know your rights under the Constitution, but balance that knowledge with common sense and what is best for everyone

K.      6/9/2020

Take care of the planet and be cautious to things around you. Take life serious, but have fun. Don't believe social media, listen to the experts.

C.      6/9/2020

We had no clue it was coming for us. Our government did a horrible job at preparing us or warning us. Make sure the government has a pandemic plan in place. It took a little getting used to, but it wasn’t all that bad. Stock up on toilet paper, masks, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and meat(but don’t wait until the last minute like everyone else did and cause shortages). Get things to do to keep you occupied. If you like video games, get a console and games! Buy art supplies. You will get so bored that anything will help you lol. Also buy hiking shoes because the only thing there is to do is go outside!

G.      6/8/2020

By being responsible during lockdown. Don’t be selfish and think over how your actions might affect others.

M.      6/8/2020

There truly is no way to prepare for something like this. However I guess my best advice is to always have a little extra food in your house, keep some cash in your house too just in case you are unable to get to the bank. If you can always offer a lending hand to those in need especially the elderly. Don’t forget about your furry friends they also need help too!

P.      6/6/2020

I do not think you can prepare for a pandemic. Once you know that you are living in a pandemic- you need to be patient and you need to be informed.

C.      6/4/2020

The pandemic affects people differently.

R.      6/4/2020

More research needs to be done on how we can prepare for and prevent things like this.


J.      6/3/2020

Follow the scientists and recognized health organizations. The sooner you take it seriously the sooner it will be taken care of. You will get through it, but everyone will feel it differently. Please be kind and be careful. Learn from past mistakes.

N.      6/3/2020

Always imagine the day you are living could be your last or that of someone else. Conduct yourself accordingly. Rather than live in fear of the future do whatever is within your capacity to inform yourself for self protection and select leaders who are capable and willing to actually lead the group in informed, responsible behavior. Consult, respect and follow expert advise.

L.      6/2/2020

Make sure you have enough money saved to be able to get through a crisis of some months. We did not have to worry about financial issues and that contributed to our peace of mind and security.

C.      6/1/2020

I would like future generations to plan and support one another. This political divide has only added to worries and I am ashamed at the selfishness I have seen. Wearing a mask in public for instance is something we can all do for one another and why people are contesting this is beyond me.

L.      6/1/2020

Prepare by having masks, gloves, disinfectant and sanitizers on hand, as well as vitamin C, D, Mucinex and natural immune boosting supplements on hand, including garlic.

G.      5/31/2020

I believe in being prepared in life. I have a go bag but i generally forget to keep it updated. I also have extra food, etc on hand. I have been through ice storms that took out electricity and gas for two weeks. We have found that people also need things to keep themselves busy and distracted or entertained. That is really important. But the pandemic isn't everything that is happening. We had an earthquake, a tornado and rioting. Our government is at odds and people are listening to politics instead of science. There comes a divide. Listening to too much media is not helpful.- it can generate anxiety and misinformation. Simplify your life and take care of each other. Live your life with hope and faith in God. And have plenty of toilet paper on hand!

A.      5/31/2020

Enjoy your freedoms and practice good hygiene . Value school, social activities, sports, clubs , etc . You never know when it may be taken away from you.

E.      5/31/2020

I don't think you can prepare for this. It's good to have a stocked pantry and to have toilet paper in the house.

K.      5/31/2020

Live within your means. Avoid debt. Save money. Try not to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

K.      5/30/2020

Other than having good general p!ans for caring for their elders, I hope future generations live their lives without focusing on preparing for a pandemic.

A.       5/30/2020

I have always been told to save save save! I would tell others to save save save. You never know when you are going to need it.

M.      5/30/2020

Celebrate each new day. Recognize the importance of slowing down. Cherish personal and family connections. Sometimes things are greater than us. Perspective is what you decide.

S.      5/30/2020

Things we take for granted change. Sometimes the changes are small or hardly noticeable sometimes the changes are huge and turn everything upside down. Take nothing for granted.

L.      5/29/2020

Brush up on their computer skills! turn their kids into independent learners

L.      5/29/2020

I hope that future generations realize we did the best we could with something very new & different to us. Maybe in the future, people will look back on our experiences & current struggles with COVID-19 like we do of those who experienced polio outbreaks or the Spanish flu. We tried to help one another out as best we could, and were not selfish & just looked out for ourselves, or our state, our just our own country. We cared about our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and even those people we didn't know at all. We were all in this together, and I hope future generations know this

D.      5/27/2020

Save some money, have a nest egg to fall back on if you lose your job. Too many people were unprepared. That includes having some supplies, such as non-perishable food, on hand.

M.      5/27/2020

I believe the first thing is to begin hygienic practices before they are needed. It may prevent such drastic contact spread of the disease. Second, I have stocked more necessity items that have a safer shelf life for food and cleaning. Also learning how to prepare foods at home rather than depending on grocery items.

K.      5/27/2020

Make your life as non-dependent on government and others as possible. We came through this better than most because we grow as much of our food as possible, we educate our child, and we don’t spend money needlessly.

D.      5/26/2020

I hope that the people realize that health and connections with others is what truly matters. When our world was frozen with fear with the threat of the virus, what mattered was our loved ones , our communities and supporting each other.

B.      5/25/2020

To realize how important it is to be prepared - not stock pile, but have some money, food items, and other things set aside for a time of need. To be careful not fearful. Be kind and considerate and help where you can - don't sit back and do nothing, but unless you are a first responder - stay out of their way, but lend them a hand.

D.      5/21/2020

That it brought many people together - neighbor looked out for neighbor. That it made people realize how crazy busy their existences had become. That they appreciate what they have and the people around them. How precious hugs can be when you can't give them.

L.      4/05/2021

Listen to experts, read science.


C.      4/1/2020

To listen to the medical professionals, not the politicians or commentators. Masks really work and history has proven this on more than one occasion now. Wash your hands - and not just during a pandemic!!!!

Advice for Future Generations