"New Normal"

M.     5/25/2021

The ability for some people to work from home more often. For some, continuing to wear masks. Increased cleanliness and awareness of germ/virus transmission. Continuing to help others in need.

A.      5/20/2021

I think it will go back to almost fully normal with our vaccines.


O.      5/16/2021

I’m sure masks will be around for a very long time. We will see them in and out of airports on buses and at public events. I also know that some people won’t feel the same about being with other people again.


E.      5/16/2021

Some increased precautions when around large groups and when traveling but I feel like day to day life will return to mostly what it was before.

B. 5/16/2021

I think this pandemic will change how we behave going forward because we will hopefully know how to approach a new pandemic if it were to occur.

A      5/12/2021

The 'new normal', to me, looks like a hybrid of covid-times and pre-covid-times. Online resources, online shopping ect will forever be more popular then in-person activities. School and work (especially) will take on a hybrid model, utilize online forums like Zoom more often and find working/learning from home more acceptable. Social activities will mean so much more, but so will online relationships. The world will find this new normal where we don't accept certain behaviors and where we now more than ever accept other behaviors. The world is going to do a complete 180.

K.     5/10/2021

I think everything will go back to normal, it has been since the vaccine has been released.

L.      5/04/2021

I think the new normal will stay for a while and it will be wearing masks from a distance for a while. I believe they will open the vaccine to younger people and try to get heard immunity.

A.     5/03/2021

After the pandemic life, I think life will slowly come back to "normal". Some people might never want to do "common" things ever again such as attend large gatherings, give hugs, not wear a mask, etc.

M.      5/03/2021

I feel like most people now have gotten used to maintaining a certain distance from other people at all times now. People will not be hugging and shaking hands as much now. And hopefully, people start wearing masks even when they have the flu in order to protect other people around them.


L.      4/15/2021

I am worried that there is pressure on going back to how things were pre-COVID. I think many good things have happened, telecommuting, telemedicine, increased cleaning, and enjoying nature. I do think there should be crowd capacity restrictions for certain events, as well as new ways of doing things, less paper, less rigid structure.

A.      4/17/2021

Better, quicker response to future pandemics

Y.      4/15/2021

Hopefully we will be more grateful and caring about others

L.      4/05/2021

Rigorous hygiene, masking and social distancing during seasons of illness

K.      4/02/2021

I hope we normalize wearing masks if you're sick or immunocompromised. I also think we've learned how to be very productive with online tools and that this will inspire further innovation and connection across physical distances.

C.      4/01/2021

I think we might seem masks more commonly as part of society now that we see how wearing them has affected health all around. I think we will see telecommuting becoming more accepted in more industries. I hope we will see less reliance on technology and more going back to the "old ways" of in person and face to face interactions as people are able to.

E.     3/16/2021

People wearing masks when it is no longer mandatory.


J.      3/16/2021

I wish it would change how we as a society view health care, food insecurity, and safety nets for our community. We have a chance to learn from the broken systems and fix them so more people are not falling through the cracks, but I fear that we won't do anything in order to get back to what convinces we had before things went crazy.

M.      3/13/2021 

Don't really know. Hard to imagine I would be ready return to pre-pandemic behavior for a long time.

T.      3/13/2021

I would hope that children and their parents will have grown closer and have developed a lasting appreciation of the times together, albeit forced time together. I would hope that whatever positive things families explored during "shut down" will carry on, post-covid restrictions.

G.     3/10/2021

I think that we will be more conscious of others when we are sick, possibly adopting the Japanese policy of wearing masks when you are sick.

C.      3/09/2021

I think the "new normal" will include wearing masks all the time, not just for the benefit of reducing the transmission of germs, but also to protect against allergens and pollution. I feel that some people will have learned important lessons about themselves and what they want out of life, for having been in quarantine/lockdown/having to endure restrictions has given them time to contemplate such things. But others will still go on as they were before the pandemic, sadly.

S.      3/09/2021

I think we will continue to wear masks for a long time. Let’s continue to wash our hands before and after being in public places. (Which we should probably have been doing in the first place.


J.      3/07/2021

I think it will be awhile before we all feel comfortable being in crowds again. I do hope that we will soon be able to have gatherings with friends and family without masks and planty of hugs!

P.      3/06/2021

I do not want a new normal The old one was just fine


A.     2/28/2021

Much more cautious

L.      2/27/2021

I think we will be adapting for a long time. Masks are probably here to stay for awhile.

K.     2/27/2021

I believe we will continue to wear masks, much as citizens in many Asian countries have done, to protect ourselves and each other from the transmission of disease. I fear a greater divide between those who believe and trust science and ignorant people who think everything is a conspiracy to violate their personal freedoms. It seems likely that future COVID vaccine requirements may add fuel to this fire.

G.     2/27/2021

I really believe that we will always wear masks, at least during my life time. I think that will be our new norm.


D.      2/28/2021

Hopefully people will be more hygienic, probably things like hand shaking etc will take a while to get back to, most people a bit more cautious, only for a while though, people forget and go back to the old ways soon enough, I don’t think it will be that different.

M.      2/14/2021

I think remote work is the one good thing to come out of the pandemic. Lots of people were spending 10+ hours a week commuting to their jobs that we now know can be done 100% remotely, often with better results. So I hope that part stays. I also hope we maintain our sense of community resiliency.


i feel like wearing masks are going to be a normal thing

R.       1/24/2021

Some of us will change, and be more cautious. For about 5 years. A lot of people want to forget, and a lot already pretend it isn't happening. I think the biggest change will be less trust in other people. We'll trust or mistrust the government about as much as before, but not each other.


A.     1/14/2021

Although many people are tired of virtual meetings and activities, I think that this will be a more common option for events in the future. I also hope that people will appreciate things that they previously took for granted.

B.      1/04/2021

Unfortunately I dont think the lessons learned will be long lived. Where we could alter our behaviors for the better I fear we will be quick to fall back to old ways that are less beneficial to ourselves, our community our world at large

J.      12/30/2020

We will be much more aware of whats going on in the world and how we are all connected. How essential workers pulled us through. I hope the new normal will give us all a greater appreciation of all the things we took for granted!

D.      12/22/2020

Who knows what post pandemic will look like, we may never be free of covid in some form or another. I think social distancing will become normal and we won't be hand shaking or hugging anymore.

K.     12/22/2020

I'm not sure about everyone else, but for my family we are going to continue forward with our new lifestyle changes. Valuing time spent together, outdoors.

S.      12/21/2020

We have to isolate ourselves physically but not emotionally. We have to continue to wear our masks.

M.      12/20/2020

If history repeats itself like the Spanish Flu of 1918 entered the roaring 20's, and people began living a carefree life, we hit a depression. I believe the new normal will consist of the loss of corporate America and many industries.

U.      12/17/2020

I don't have any faith that anything will change. People are so desperate to go back to how things were, they don't consider that for a lot of people, the way things were was awful. They'll go back out to bars and go back on vacations, spreading their germs wherever they please. Then there will be lots of people who remain at a distance, who don't share beverages with their family, who wave instead of shaking hands.

L.     12/17/2020

I have never been a big hand shaker- glad it may go out of style

L.      12/14/2020

It will be with more positivity and better life choices.

G.     12/14/2020

I think we've learned many ways to stay safer. It was always a good idea, I think, to wash hands, stay a little away from those we encounter, similar to what many do in Asian countries for years.

L.      11/19/2020

The new normal will have people being much more guarded and less personable. I don't think there will be as much conversation with strangers as before. The plastic barriers in stores and restaurants will remain in place.


D.     11/18/2020

I think at the very least, food service people will continue to be masked and gloved. I think most people will be more careful about hand cleanliness.

M.      11/17/2020

I believe we have not paid enough attention to pandemic possibilities for many years. Because it has always been an interest of mine, I have long thought more attention / money should go to the CDC. I think increased awareness of germ - control and public exposure will be the new normal and that is a good thing for all people at all times

C.     11/14/2020

It needs to go away. This is the flu and yes a large number of people have it but the over cautions are not benefiting the health and well being of future generations. We will have children who are not as well educated. We will have children afraid of disease. I'm afraid the "new normal" is going to make us very vulnerable.

U.     11/13/2020

Not much will change as we live in a “me” society and if it doesn’t effect you, you aren’t willing to adhere to mandates to help other people out.

L.     11/04/2020

More online programming, continued use of face mask, social distancing, sanatizing and telehealth.

J.      11/02/2020

It shouldn't change much. We should be very careful about who we elect to public office. The "new normal" is a media concoction (like much of that drives the worry, fear and panic) and we need to be very careful about how we react to news.

L.     10/25/2020

The immediate future will change. I believe many people will be more aware of how easy it is to spread illness. And for awhile public places will continue to keep safeguards in place. However, over time, when a vaccine become available and treatments are discovered, people will forget and fall back to the old normal behavior. However, due to the economic instability we are facing, the new normal may be vastly different with fewer businesses, restaurants, entertainment areas. Will more people live in poverty due to lost savings and jobs? I believe the economic long term effect may last a long time.

M.      10/21/2020

Not sure. I am hoping positives like supporting small and local business and looking at the value of those workers we fully depend upon, i.e. grocery store workers, warehouse workers, those that take care of others such as the disabled and elderly. I think they don't get paid and supported enough normally and we need to look at that overall. I would like to see healthcare change so that if you lose a job due to the pandemic you don't lose your health insurance when it is possibly needed the most.

L.       10/16/2020

Living distantly will be the new normal. Less hugging and physical contact. Glad I'm not single.


I.      10/15/2020

I think we will be more careful about spreading germs in general. I think we will do more things online.

E.      10/14/2020

I hope we are kinder, calmer and listen more to others and ourselves. Not sure what the “new normal” will look like.

N.      10/12/2020

I think racist science-deniers are going to be a loud presence in the near term and make progress difficult.

P.       10/12/2020

I suspect social distancing and mask wearing will continue for a long time for those who are educated in the science of disease and who are compassionate enough to have concern for other beings.


D.      10/11/2020

Unfortunately I do not really believe that this pandemic will change much of how we behave in the future... I really hope that this is not true... but this too shall pass and life will go on. I do have high hopes and prayers that people will continue to be a little kinder to each other and take things a little slower...We shall see

J.      9/21/2020

retail, restaurants. sales, will all be different. Investment companies are all closing their brick and motor shops. We have been forced to do many things on line that have taken getting used to for someone my age.


J.      9/21/2020

I think that once we have a vaccine and some good treatments, CV 19 will become like the flu... won't go away but can be managed. I think that the new normal will be emphasis on sanitary conditions and public health ( I hope).

R.      9/16/2020

Business and convention travel will be down, and more videoconferencing will be utilized. More people will be working fully or partially from home; and office rental income will fall, particularly in central cities, which will also affect urban restaurants and small businesses. People will be more careful when and where they travel. There will probably be more un- and under-employment, with corresponding pressure for both income subsidies and new job creation. The political divide over whether or not to trust science will continue.

V.      8/30/2020

It’s not going to change our behavior we see people misbehaving now. New normal will be dependent on prudent health management - I think we all realize what we are able to do without

R.      8/29/2020

I hope people will be more financially prepared--12 month emergency funds, etc. I hope people will be more independent and less dependent upon the government. I hope police will be allowed to do their jobs to protect our cities and small businesses. I hope the "bad cops" will have been weeded out.

L.      8/27/2020

Predictions are merely simple speculation. . . but expensive college and university educations will alter higher education, more people will work from home so there will be lots of empty office buildings -- which might lower expensive city rents, there will be opportunity for a new generation of restaurant owners; perhaps more people will move to rural areas. Look out Vermont and Upstate New York!

J.      8/27/2020

I think given time, most things will go back to how they were. I think masks will be around for quite awhile, especially during flu season. I'm trying not to put too much effort into imagining the future, as there have been so many unprecedented happenings this year.


M.     8/27/2020

All of this points to a "new normal" which is likely to be far more difficult for most Americans than any of us yet know.

G.     8/25/2020

People are turning into “germ a phobes. Peoples are going to a social distance now and will continue to do this. Not good!

J.      8/09/2020

Kind people will continue to show kindness; ignorant bugs-for-brains will continue to brag about how well they've handled everything.

K.     8/07/2020

I think people will be much more careful regarding contact with others. I also think masks are now a part of our lives.

T.      8/07/2020

When you have cancer “new normal” is terminology used frequently and to be honest, I dislike the term. I truly hope we will learn to work together and to care for one another despite or differences. I pray for this.

M.       8/06/2020

I'm still waiting to see The New Normal. I personally feel that The New Normal we'll have more to do with what the politicians want and less to do with covid-19.

M.       8/05/2020

New normal will be face masks shopping and travelling. And hygiene freaks

B.      8/04/2020

I think I will be more cautious about big events. I think I will be more active in making plans with friends when I can. I think moving forward, I will move slower and not just allow the days to pass, I will not be so stressed about things because so often things are out of my hand. I have no idea what my new normal will look like but I hope it involves a lot of love.

E.     8/02/2020

I think even after we are allowed to go out like we were before there will be a lot of people still cautious. More emphasis on hygiene/hand washing/etc.

F.      7/24/2020

The age of birthday candles is over.

J.      7/24/2020

We will be more aware of what we are hearing in the news, more keen on sanitizing things, probably stock up on essential items in case they disappear again, love our friends and family everyday and not take things for granted.

N.      7/23/2020

I think that long term, we have to learn to expect less from government.

M.      7/20/2020

Mask, social distancing, seasonal shutdowns. Shortages of cleaning supplies, less imported junk from China.

J.      7/20/2020

We should all wear masks until a viable vaccine can be given to every single American. People That can work from home should.


S.      7/19/2020

more government control......over EVERYTHING.

K.      7/08/2020

I feel that there’s a lot of mental health issues that will need attention. This has been a very difficult time. I also wonder how, when it’s safe, will we undo this OCD behavior regarding germs and cleanliness. It is going to take some time.

J.      7/07/2020

I hope that people start to take their physical and mental health more seriously. That is something that only you can control and with all the things that have been completely out of our control during this pandemic, we need to choose ourselves and control our own thoughts and actions.


G.      7/06/2020

I have never thought that huge crowds were a great idea especially the crowding in schools. I think kids will have half days in the future to eliminate the huge crowds of hundreds of kids all in the same building at the same time.

J.     7/02/2020

If after two or so years this pandemic wears itself out, I believe the public will resume its usual social behavior as evidenced by this happening after just three months into the pandemic. While the number of cases is higher than ever and climbing daily Americans and probably other nationalities are eager to socialize in a way to which they are accustomed: frequenting bars and restaurants and gathering in large groups at parties and beaches. It is possible though that public education will be forever changed due to alterations made during this pandemic because there has been talk of distance learning for economy and other reasons for years and years. Now distance learning and other changes have been forced upon us and might very well stick. There will need to be efforts and funding put forth to rid disparities in order for all children to be included in this new mode of education. As it is now countless young people are without Internet connections and eDevices, two essentials for this new form of education.

B.      6/29/2020

I would like to think people would prepare for these dire situations by saving money, stocking food, and nurturing important relationships. They probably won’t though.

M.      6/29/2020

As a person who has been working in the public health system since 1989 I can say we do not know how this will change us going forward. We are not merely going through a pandemic. We are simultaneously going through another stage in women's rights, gun violence protests, police brutality, as Black Lives Matter is changing us, we are seeing that we are allowing dark skinned poor people to die unnecessarily as we have been doing unawares till now.

H.      6/29/2020

I just don't know. There is more online shopping, but I think that will happen anyway. I hope there is more telecommuting. I hope that the education system and the colleges puts more effort into teaching teachers, from K to post-grad, how to teach effectively online.

G.      6/25/2020

I don’t believe all major facets of life is changed forever. But I do think things will take a long time to get back completely, and it will happen in stages. I would like to see a new normal that puts emphasis on public health. People who are sick should not be guilted or economically incentivized to come in to work. That has gained a lot of attention since in previous years the flu was a nuisance not a threat to life. Public cleanliness and attitudes towards hand washing and sanitary practices need to and probably will improve, at least for a while. Mask use might not be taboo if one might be sick. Public transport with emphasis on packing people in efficiently will change the most. I do think there will be a race to develop a sanitary material that replaces plastic, since the public was seriously trying to reduce its consumption before the pandemic. (That has reversed course since plastic can be sanitized and is impermeable.) I also think that a lot of events with many people will move online since people will realize its usefulness. While in person events will resume, many things will also have an online component. Funerals can include family that cannot fly across the world in a moment’s notice. Sporting events can broadcast to fans virtually flung across the world that they cannot physically accommodate in a stadium. “Necessity is the mother of invention” and it is inventing a lot of uses for virtual events.

P.      6/22/2020

I hope that our healthcare system will be better prepared for a "next time." I also hope that our government will step up, be honest with the public, not spread misinformation and cause mass confusion, and work with the science community and make a bipartisan effort to help our country. I hope that we can go back to how it was before with more precautionary measures. That is my hope...

R.      6/21/2020

I hope the "new normal" will lead to appreciation for all that life has to offer

K.      6/21/2020

I don't think masks will go away soon. I'm glad I went to a few concerts in the past two years for the first time in decades, because I don't see those coming back quickly. I don't see the anger going away quickly, either. There are so many angry people in our country right now for so many reasons (this is written after the protests began, but I'm thinking more of the pandemic than the protests). I think people will continue to be angry, and that's a shame.

R.      6/20/2020

I think that we'll be wearing masks in public and keeping our distance from others when we are out - at least until there is a definitive treatment or vaccine. I think there will be many more germ-phobic people.

K.      6/18/2020

The "New Normal" will likely be very similar to the "Old Normal"

M.      6/17/2020

It seems so silly, but I think masks may become a part of daily life... I hate the loss of a simple smile

L.      6/16/2020

I have no idea. I hope this pandemic will help everyone be especially thankful for what they have and that it will encourage them to help others who don't have it.


W.     6/15/2020

I hope that this pandemic will help us value human lives and being together more. Current events certainly suggest otherwise, but I'm still hopeful.

P.      6/15/2020

I am afraid many people will lose their jobs permanently. I am concerned how schools will reopen safely. I think more people will continue to work from home.

L.      6/13/2020

I think while things will be open, I think it will take a while for people to go back to being comfortable with just going to a restaurant and eating and drinking whatever food the waiter gives them, sitting in a crowded theater with other people, etc. But ultimately I don't know that the effects will last that long (past a year or so). I don't think we have the patience to keep it going. People are already very restless. I worry that students will not be allowed to go back to school, and I think it is so important for their development to be around and interacting with other students in a real-life environment. I hope that they are able to go back next year.

A.      6/12/2020

Hopefully people will live less complicated lives & enjoy the simple things.

C.      6/11/2020

There's going to be a huge, ugly divide between people who want to get on with life, and people who are afraid to move forward. The new normal will be about calling people out and hating people who don't share your views. Before we were divided by politics, economics, race - now we'll be further divided by health fears and fearing "outsiders". That's been a huge issue in the Adirondacks.

C.       6/11/2020

Working from home will be more accepted as a way of working. Certain jobs should be valued differently, too- like nurses and healthcare professionals as well as essential retail workers.

K.       6/11/2020

I don’t think things will be back to normal for a very long time. I think they are going to require masks for a long time as well as social distancing and restaurants and places at limited capacity. They’ve already canceled almost all of the fun major activities for the entire summer and even some in September 2020. The court system, DMV & places to hold events are going to be completely backed up.

R.      6/11/2020

We will be very reluctant to do a lot of things for a while but we'll get back to pretty normal eventually. Look at 911: we changed for a while and a few things permanently changed but life goes on.

P.      6/10/2020

I work in a profession where germs spread easily. When I started teaching, desks were cleaned every night. They stopped doing that about ten years ago. I hope that starts again. I sincerely hope parents will keep their sick kids home instead of sending them to school. Sick time should be increased for people to stay home and stop the spread of illness when sick. We need to focus on that instead of the bottom line in businesses. I do think shields should stay up at registers in businesses. I sincerely hope there will NOT be a new normal. People cannot live in fear or they will never have lived. We NEED each other. We NEED face to face contact. We NEED human touch. Interactions with others is what keeps people connected and makes us human. This pandemic has not been what they thought it would be. The flu kills more people. We should continue to live our lives, but be more mindful of our hygiene.

K.      6/09/2020

I hope people don't falter and go too crazy, just keep distance and if you're required to wear a mask to just put it on, it's not a bad thing


C.      6/09/2020

I think that a lot of businesses will keep their employees working at home if they can because it is a cheaper option for the employers and employees. I am hoping that schools will make it a new normal to offer all classes online as well. I think grocery delivery will become the new normal as well.

G.      6/08/2020

Freedom to travel will become much more expensive.


M.      6/08/2020

I think the pandemic will forever change our lives and not necessarily for the better. I think we have lost many freedoms as a result of this. I don’t necessarily believe what I hear and read on the news anymore. I believe that the government uses fear as a way to control people.

C.      6/01/2020

I know for me, I will never look at larger gatherings the same. I love movie theaters and concerts, but don't know when I will feel comfortable with them again. I am concerned for us as a nation, both economically and the way we look at the common good.

P.      6/06/2020

I worry that there will be less physical contact - we were headed that way due to technology. We are humans and we crave touch.

J.      6/04/2020

Wash your hands, stay home if you are not feeling well and continue to innovate, expand your inner circle and know who you can depend on and trust.

R.      6/04/2020

I have no idea. None at all. I feel like we still don't know the first thing about this illness and we are reopening too quickly, and the number of cases is going to skyrocket in a couple weeks.

C.      6/04/2020

I think we will have a heightened awareness for germs as we go forward. We used to call them "cooties". I also think we will slip back to our old ways after enough time has passed if this virus entirely goes away.


J.     6/03/2020

I think businesses and personal hygiene will forever be better and something more considered than it was in the past.


A.      6/02/2020

I have noticed kids playing outside more often and their parents playing with them. I believe that less organized sports supports families.

L.     6/02/2020

I hate the phrase "new normal". I believe that things will be different for a time, but eventually life will return to close to what it was before. Technology will be more widely used over more platforms. More people will work from home.


We will know what 'scarcity' looks and feels like and recognize how much fluff has crept into our daily, weekly, monthly, annual lives. We will choose more carefully and savor more fully.

L.      6/01/2020

For some, no changes (the ones that don’t think it’s a big threat), for others, continued safety protocols. I think more online schooling, phone consult counseling and Dr. visits will continue.

L.      5/31/2020

More working from home. Less air travel. Heavier reliance on technology for news,education in schools and help like medical care. Less human interaction. Very sad. Very lonely.

E.      5/31/2020

Our lives will only be different for another 12-18 months. Once we have a vaccine, this will quickly fade away and our lives will return to normal.

A.      5/31/2020

Renewed Appreciation of what we can do to enjoy nature, our families, outdoor exercise And not taking for granted that our life as we know it can suddenly be taken away from us. With no exact timeline of when things may seem back to normal again.

G.      5/31/2020

One thing i do not think people have yet realized but i think may happen is that people have had a long enough break to find out how much life had gotten out of control and that we have survived well without doing all we were doing. When you go on vacation it takes time to unwind and then you go right back. This has given us enough time to look at activities and make changes to our lifestyle. I also think people’s health has likely improved with less stress and less eating out. Life has already changed with cashiers being behind plexiglass. I hate the masks as i have severe allergies and find it difficult to breathe with the mask on. Hopefully transportation will become safer and more clean. I am not sure how an airplane will accomplish this. People will likely work more from home and i wonder if that will change the use of real estate. I sincerely hope this makes a positive change for senior citizens and their care

S.      5/30/2020

Until a vaccine is developed, social distancing, wearing masks and staying apart will be the new normal. Hopefully, we will be kinder to each other.

A.      5/30/2020

Not sure (about the new normal) but I'm afraid for the future and for my kids.

K.     5/30/2020

Can't speak for anyone but myself. I will remain hesitant to travel amd to be in crowded places. I hope *we" stop using the phrase "new normal."

L.      5/29/2020

Folks afraid of getting close or attending big events Hopefully, more time in outdoors

L.      5/29/2020

Until a workable vaccine comes along, I think some variation of social distancing will continue to play a part in day-to-day society. I'd like to think we will continue to look out for each other, the way so many people have done so, but that remains to be seen. Let's just say I'm hopeful, & leave it at that for now.

D.      5/27/2020

Big crowds will not occur for a while. Sporting events and schools will be impacted for years to come.

A.      5/27/2020

I believe the new normal will look like many jobs created for a safer environment for all of us to live in.

C.      5/27/2020

More employees working from home. Fewer small businesses. People understanding how to entertain themselves better and enjoy the beauty of life around us.

M.      5/27/2020

There will be many new online learning opportunities, more work from home and a different education process. Maybe less waste and overhead for organizations able to have more people working from home, even part time.

D.      5/27/2020

I think there will be less human touching with people we are not close to and more between people we are close to. I hope we'll appreciate being able to see people whenever we want and go places.


C.      5/26/2020

I think many will have anxiety and depression issues going forward. Once we return to work and the virus begins to spread again, I imagine that many of us will be separated from loved ones or possibly lose those we hold dear. I am very hopeful that we can work together to protect each other and keep the spread contained. Many things will have to change to keep us all safe. Patience will be needed from everyone while we figure this out I think.

D.      5/26/2020

I truly hope that when we get beyond mask wearing and social distancing that we reflect on the disparities in health care, income and educational inequities and the systemic racism that fuels these differences.

B.      5/25/2020

I think education is in crisis. I believe there will be more homeschooling. I believe there will be a lot more remote working. I think there will be a lot less physical buildings/businesses. I believe a lot of small businesses will go under, bigger ones too. There will be many, many out of work, unemployed people not being able to make ends meet, pay for housing, pay their bills. I think our economy is in big trouble. People's stocks and savings for retirement are not going to be what they were and what people may need to get by with. The new norm is going to have a lot more distancing between many people. I think there will be more fear of strangers. I think the new normal is not going to be so great going forward and I feel really badly for my children's lives going forward. I have no idea when things will truly turn around for them or if they will.

L.      5/21/2020

For a while, we'll be extremely cautious about who we meet and the things we touch. After a year or two, the majority of people most likely will go back to how they were before the pandemic.


L.      5/21/2020

As much as I cringe to say it, I think hand shaking should be come a thing of the past, as well as hugging outside of our family circles (like in churches or nursing homes). I think we'll be putting on masks when flying for quite some time, too.

D.      5/21/2020

I am hoping more people will telecommute, which will help the environment. I hope more people will question the political leadership of this country and choose responsible adults the next time around. I hope life will get a little slower - but that probably will not happen.

"New Normal"